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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 83

    0 Comments Sep 3rd, 2013, 12:11pm EDT
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 83


    Happy September ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the 83rd episode of FInal Fantasy Union! Darryl is joined by Lauren and Spencer and they jump right into the fray! First up is news and there's a bit to get through! There's new info about Lightning Returns including the return of Sazh, guest characters in battle, the length of the game, and the first development vlog for the game!

    Final Fantasy 10 HD also got a little news with the release of the newly arranged battle music that we're in for! And then Final Fantasy 14 including the game being released and the beta records for MMO's being smashed! The trio then move into your responses to the Burning Question from the last episode which was what you were expecting from TGS this year. You guys stayed very optimistic which made us feel warm fuzzies! Get your answers in for the new BQ which is "Are you happy with all of the old characters returning?"

    And then your questions for the gang and we have two great questions this episode. Listen as the gang talks about their individual levels of excitement for Final Fantasy 14 and whether or not "Ask Square-Enix" will still be released even though Yoichi Wada has been canned. If you're a long time listener of the show, you know what's up next: the music segment! We have a fantastic arrangement from Final Fantasy 7 that you're sure to enjoy. Get your FF14 fix now and we'll see you in just a few weeks!
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