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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 90

    0 Comments Apr 1st, 2014, 7:42am EDT
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 90

    Another new FF game is here!

    Hey everyone and welcome back to another episode of Final Fantasy Union! This show, Darryl is joined by Lauren and Spencer and they are all over the Final Fantasy X HD release. First up is an incredibly in depth discussion about the new game release. The trio waxes nostalgic about their very first experience playing Final Fantasy X. Hear what they thought and felt when they played the game for the first time years and years ago.

    They talk about who their favorite characters are as well as how popular the game is on social media right now. Is it worth picking up? After listening, you’ll have to decide for yourself! The Final Fantasy quiz is next up on the schedule. Community member Lief joins the show to try his luck at the FF quiz. See how you do with the questions he had to answer.

    And now we move onto your questions. The gang have discussions about wether or not remaking Final Fantasy 7 is really that hard, their thoughts on FF12: Revenant Wings, and what FF creature who has been absent from the games for a while should come back.Wrapping up the show is the music segment which comes from Lightning Returns. Enjoy the show and we’ll be back soon!
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