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    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 91

    0 Comments Apr 29th, 2014, 7:33am EDT
    Final Fantasy Union: Episode 91

    Square Enix is returning to its roots!

    Greetings everyone and welcome back once again to Final Fantasy Union! The time has come for the trio, Darryl, Lauren, and Spencer, to come together and discuss all things Final Fantasy. This show brings some crazy and fun discussions that you’re sure to enjoy! The show starts off with a real bang as the gang sits down and talks, in depth, about the recent press release from Square Enix admitting to losing focus in the way they develop and release their games.

    There is a veritable ton of ranting, discussion, and tangents. With any luck, the FF that we once new may be returning! After this hefty segment, next up is the news. Listen in as the hosts talk about Sony dumping their SE stock shares, the new Theatrhythm game having a TON of songs from all the different FF titles (not just the games; the movies too), FF14 surpassing 2 million users, and FF15/KH3 being rumored to make an E3 appearance. There is certainly a lot to get through so hang on tight. Next on the agenda are your responses to the Burning Question which was “Which did you spend more time playing: Lightning Returns or FF10/10-2 HD?” You guys were pretty much all on the same side on this one; you’ll have to listen to hear which side it is.

    And following your answers are your questions for the gang. This time, they discuss issues like their thoughts on FF4 and what one hero/villain in any FF game would they change if they could. The music segment rounds out the show as usual with a really fun remix from Crisis Core. E3 is almost here and we’ll be here to let you know all the details as they come in!
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