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    GMFM Composer Interview: Jason Graves

    0 Comments Jul 14th, 2011, 10:43am EDT
    GMFM Composer Interview: Jason Graves

    Dead Space 1 and 2

    Another exciting interview is what we have for you this time around as Brian sits down with Jason Graves, the composer for Dead Space 1 and 2. Listen in to hear where Jason grew up, how he got into music, and his journey as a composer in the video game industry, and how he learned what he knows about music composition.

    Listen in to hear his story and how he created music that will terrify you even when listening in the middle of day with all the lights on! Jason is a composer that can send chills down your spine and terrify you to your very core with just his music.

    This is one interview not to miss! Gaming Music FM is one of the GamingUnion.net podcast series which focuses on music from the gaming industry and you can subscribe on iTunes.
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