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    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 37

    0 Comments Jan 31st, 2012, 12:52pm EST
    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 37

    Will Nomura make Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 in HD?

    Kingdom Hearts Union is back and ready to kick 2012 off like true gamers! Sit down with the group, which this week brings Branden, Lauren, Churro, and Jackie to talk about all things KH. Welcome in the new host, Branden, as he makes his debut as the man in charge this show. This first episode of the year is practically swamped with KH news since the last show.

    Listen in to hear all about the new worlds, trailer, AND Japanese release date for KH 3D! But that’s not all, the gang talks about new gameplay videos, the return of Axel, growth of the characters, and the announcement of a surprise for the 10th anniversary of the franchise. And without missing a beat, your KH pals move straight into your questions. This episode has four of them including feelings on Vanitas’ return, how KH would have been different if Sora wielded a chainsaw, will KH3 be the next game after KH 3D, and whether new KH games will be multi platform.

    After all your inquiries, the show rounds out with a great version of Traverse Town that comes from Brian, the guy who makes the podcast for you to hear! The new year is here, and Kingdom Hearts is looking like it’s gonna be epic. Be sure to listen in to find out how! Kingdom Hearts Union is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of KHU every four weeks.
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