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    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 45

    0 Comments Sep 11th, 2012, 5:41pm EDT
    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 45

    Kingdom Hearts 3 at TGS?

    Hello Kingdom Hearts fans and welcome to another show of KHU; your one stop shop for all things Kingdom Hearts! This week, Branden is joined by the lovely Lauren and the even lovelier Churro. After the intros and greetings, the trio jumps straight into the news which deals with the KH music album release date, the sales figures for KH3D, and what Square Enix have announced they will be showcasing at TGS.

    They discuss a little and then move onto the Burning Question. After reading through your answers from the previous show, they give out the new question which is "How long of a gap do you think will be reasonable between the announcement and release of Kingdom Hearts 3?" Get your answers in!

    And then, the group goes to your questions and this time there are some great ones. Listen in as they discuss which KH enemy types they want in KH3, what issues are holding the KH franchise back, and whether or not Max Goof should make an appearance. But don't turn the podcast off yet because there is a great remix from KH 358/2! Get your fix for KH here and get ready for TGS!
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