Kingdom Hearts Union: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD has a release date!

Kingdom Hearts Union

Welcome to 2013 and the first episode of Kingdom Hearts Union. We all survived the apocalypse and we're celebrating by talking about KH. This week, we have a two person episode with Branden and Lauren! They don't waste any time and jump straight into the news. Because Jump Festa just happened, there's a good bit of news to get through, most of which is about KH 1.5 HD Remix. In addition to that, the gang has a special 10th Anniversary podcast show coming soon AND Branden has been slaving away to create his own Kingdom Hearts comic called "I'm Always with You" (which you can find at ).

Next up are your responses to the previous Burning Question. You guys give some great ideas on how Square-Enix/KH can stay relevant until Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out. Be sure to get your answers in for the next show which is "What would a KH Valentines Day look like?" And then the duo move on to your questions and boy did you guys give us two great ones! This episode, Branden and Lauren tackle issues like past gameplay mechanics that should be in future titles and will Yoko Shimommura step down as the composer?

As always, we have a remix from KH to round out the show and this episode brings you a remix that's over 8 minutes long; lots of musical goodness for you. 2013 is here and the KH crew is gonna rock it hard.


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