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    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 50

    0 Comments Feb 5th, 2013, 1:27pm EST
    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 50

    All KH3D spoilers are fair game!

    This week brings a historic episode for Kingdom Hearts Union; it's the 50th show! Branden is joined by the amazing Churro and the fantastic Jackie as they spend their time immersed in this phenomenal world! First up is a WARNING to all listeners: ALL KH3D SPOILERS ARE FAIR GAME. So, if you haven't played the game and don't want to hear the big story points and surprises, you would do well to tread with caution! After going through quite a few of the big spoilers from the game, they move on to the news!

    This show brings one major update which deals with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix and the unofficial confirmation of its localization to the west! Take a listen as the crew shares their rather convincing evidence! Next up: your responses to the previous show's Burning Question in which you give us phenomenal ideas of what a KH Valentines Day would look like. There are a couple of wonderful fan-fiction pieces that you'll certainly want to hear! As always, get your answers in for the next question which is "Should Kingdom Hearts continue after the Xehanort Saga? Why or Why not?" The trio flows right into your questions.

    You can look forward to discussions about whether chocobos should be in the franchise and whether or not is Kairi's character really necessary. It's a great collection of questions with some awesome discussions. But don't stop the show yet, because they round it out with a wonderful remix from KH2 Final Mix. We want to thank you all for supporting and following us for the last 50 episodes and with your help and love, here's to the next 50 shows!
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