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    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 53

    0 Comments Apr 30th, 2013, 3:41pm EDT
    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 53

    Question Segment DOMINATION!

    Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of Kingdom Hearts Union where we get you your fix of all things Kingdom Hearts! This week, Branden and Churro sit down to have another wonderful bro-cast. First on the docket: the news. Unfortunately, there's not much, but the guys still have some great discussion over it.

    They talk a great deal about the KH 1.5 HD Remix event that was held in London that featured the game and some of the merchandise. After that, the duo talks about some of the Square Enix company news and how it could affect the Kingdom Hearts franchise. They go through Matsuda's (new CEO) statement of examining all of the SE's properties to make the company more profitable as well as Nomura saying that FF13 Versus will be shown again soon. The next show will be a huge episode of your responses to the new Burning Question which is "What will Square Enix announce for E3 and how will it affect Kingdom Hearts?" Get your answers in!

    And now, your questions. The guys touch on a lot of topics including which story twists have been the hardest to deal with, the most epic fails in the KH games, what did everyone think the plot of KH3D would be before playing the game, and more. As you can imagine, tangents and rants are in abundance, so don't miss out! Wrapping up the show is the music segment which brings an awesome guitar remix of Traverse Town; you'll definitely want to hear it! The next show will be here in a couple of weeks and then E3 will be right after so get hype; we may have some awesome KH news on the way!
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