Kingdom Hearts Union: Kingdom Hearts, E3 2013, and YOU!

Kingdom Hearts Union

Hello everybody and welcome back to the wonderful world of Kingdom Hearts with this, the 54th episode of KHU! We finally have a full cast of hosts for you this week as Branden sits down with Churro, Jackie, and Lauren. This is the last show before the huge E3 press conference and the gang spends a lot of time talking about expectations for the event! However, before that, they will take you through the news (what little there is).

First up is a release date for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix in the west in early fall of this year which, if you preorder now, you'll get a free limited edition art book! The second piece of news is that Square Enix will be live streaming their booth at this year's E3 event. You can tune in to see everything (at least we think so). And now on to the meat of the show. This episode is filled with your responses to the previous burning question which was seeing what you think Square Enix will be announcing at E3 and what effect will it have on KH. While most of you try to remain positive, we all seem to be in agreement that we don't expect much of anything KH related to make a debut at the conference. However, we'll just have to wait and see.

The next burning questions is "What is your favorite cutscene from Kingdom Hearts 2 and what makes it special to you?" And rounding out the show as usual is a wonderful Kingdom Hearts remix that is a great medley of songs from both KH1 and KH2. The next show will be the E3 post show wrap up, so make sure you don't go too far and we'll see you then!


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