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    kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 56

    0 Comments Jul 25th, 2013, 3:01pm EDT
    kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 56

    New KH game released...and no one cares

    Welcome back to another week and another episode of Kingdom Hearts Union. We apologize for the delay in this episode which was brought about due to some technical difficulties. But, better late than never! This time around, Branden is joined by Churro and special guest Brian and the craziness begins. First up is the news and the gang covers the information on Kingdom Hearts X (Chi) in Japan, the Disney D23 event in Japan, and the different pieces of news from the Famitsu interview with Nomura!

    Without missing a beat, they then move into your responses to the Burning Question about which KH2 cutscene is your favorite and why. You have some wonderful answers and be sure to get your answers in for the next Burning Question which is "How does it feel knowing that Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming?"

    Next on the list are your questions and we have quite a few this time. The trio spends time talking about issues like whether or not the Osaka Team will do a good job on KH3, will the new art style help KH3, which organization members are going to be in KH3, and how will the art style effect finishing moves and paired character moves. After lots of discussion, the music segment rolls around and we have a great Kingdom Hearts 2 remix for you to hear. The next show will be on August 20th so be sure to check back in and we'll see you then!
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