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    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 58

    0 Comments Sep 17th, 2013, 11:10am EDT
    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 58


    Fall is here and so is another episode of Kingdom Hearts Union! Happy September everyone and welcome back! Branden sits down with Churro and special guest, Spencer, and they jump into the Kingdom Hearts universe! This show is a bit special as the guys have a new game to talk about, and talk about it they do.

    The trio dives straight into talking about their experiences with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD. Did they like it, did they hate it? How's the visual upgrade, the new music, the individual games? You'll have to listen to find out (and you'll enjoy what you hear)! After talking about all the different aspects of the game, they then move into your responses from the previous Burning Question which was what you thought would be revealed at TGS in regards to KH. As always, get your answers in for the next Burning Question which is "What do you speculate about Kingdom Hearts 3? Story, Worlds, Characters, ANYTHING!"

    And then the trio turns to answering your questions and we have a really nice one this time. Listen to the discussion about The City of Bells area, how it was used, and if it was implemented correctly. Rounding out the show is a wonderful remix from 358/2 Days! Enjoy KH1.5 HD and we'll see you again in just a few weeks!
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