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    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 59

    0 Comments Oct 15th, 2013, 3:46pm EDT
    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 59

    TGS completely SUCKED!

    Kingdom Hearts Union is BACK once again to give you your fill of all things Kingdom Hearts! Branden and Churro come together for another "bro-cast" that you're sure to enjoy. This episode brings back the long lost 3 segment show and first up is the news. The guys wish a happy birthday to Nomura, talk about the D23 conference that's going on in Japan, and how the Tokyo Game Show was a major bust this year for ANYTHING Kingdom Hearts related. If you were hoping for more from TGS, unfortunately you'll have to wait and pray for next year to be better.

    However, the duo don't lose their stride and they move right into your responses to the last Burning Question. You regale them with your thoughts, ideas, and hypotheses for what we might see in Kingdom Hearts 3; you do NOT disappoint with your answers! Bure sure to get your answers in for the next BQ which is "What character would you like to see as a secret boss in KH3 that has never been in a KH game before?"

    Next on the itinerary: your questions! Branden and Churro tackle issues like the most desired worlds in KH3 and whether or not we should be able to customize our character's appearance. The show wraps up like always with a remix and this episode brings a wonderful Kingdom Hearts 2 rearrangement that you don't want to miss. We hope that you continue to enjoy playing KH1.5 and we'll see you again soon!
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