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    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 63

    0 Comments Feb 18th, 2014, 1:47pm EST
    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 63

    KH is so Romantic!

    Welcome back everyone to this special romantically themed, Valentines Day inspired, episode of Kingdom Hearts Union! This week, Branden is joined by Churro, Sabrina, and Olivia and they are all together to regale you with their romantic ideas based around Kingdom Hearts. First off is a special segment called "Kingdom Hearts You".

    Branden has a series of romantic hypothetical questions to each of the hosts and they each provide their input and ideas. It's a love-fest with hilarious responses that you're sure to enjoy. Afterwards are your questions to the gang. This long episode has one great question that the group talks about: would they buy a KH game if it only lasted a few short hours.? You're in store for a wonderful discussion! Finally, the gang sends out their special Valentine's Day shout-outs to those close to them.

    The show finishes up with a great remix from the original game that started it all. Don't miss out on this fun arrangement of Simple and Clean. We hope you've had a wonderful Valentines Day as well as a great start to 2014. We'll see you again in a few weeks!
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