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    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 64

    0 Comments Mar 18th, 2014, 12:37pm EDT
    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 64

    How many KH games have YOU played?!?

    Kingdom Hearts Union is back again with another episode made just for you; yes, YOU, reading this sentence right now! We hope you enjoy the show, Dave and Marry! If you’re name is Dave or Marry, how freaked out are you right now?!? ANYWAY, welcome back to another show with Branden who is joined by Churro and Sabrina. This show takes a small detour from the norm with a fun new segment called the “Survey Segment”.

    Square Enix released a survey asking fans questions about their gaming habits as well as their favorite KH games. The trio goes through many of the questions and answer them for your enjoyment. Come see what games the gang have played and what the think about the franchise in general. After the Survey, it’s time for your responses to the Burning Question that was asked 2 episodes ago! Better late than never :). They read your responses to what you think the next KH game will be after 2.5 HD. Your answers are pretty darn varied which is always fun! We need your answers for the new Burning Question which is “What would you like to see in a KH Collector’s Edition?”

    The show ends on a high note with a great remix from the franchise, except this time, it’s an original composition rather than a remix. A composer has written what they think a battle theme for KH3 would sound like if there were a Frozen themed world. It’s a wonderful track that you’ll want to hear. We hope you guys really enjoyed the show, especially you Jamie and Brent. We’ll see you all again in a few weeks!
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