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    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 65

    0 Comments Apr 15th, 2014, 12:16pm EDT
    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 65

    First Bro-cast of the year!

    Another day, another awesome Kingdom Hearts Union show! Welcome back to the 65th episode with Branden and Churro; the first bro-cast of the year. The guys start things off with a discussion concerning the recent comments from the Square Enix CEO regarding the direction of games that they create. Lots of fun ranting and tangents to be had!

    Then the gentlemen move into your responses to the last Burning Question which was what do you think will be released next after KH 2.5. Interestingly, your answers are not as geared towards new game releases but rather CE versions or supplementary material for KH. This is why we love hearing your thoughts; you never fail to keep surprising us! The next Burning Question is ready for you to answer which is “What do you expect to see from Kingdom Hearts at E3 2014?” What’s next on the itinerary? Why, it’s your questions of course.

    The duo address questions concerning FF summons in KH, Chain of Memories on the GBA and whether it still holds up, and will Disney help promote/hype KH3 as much as they did for KH2. The guys have fun with these! And then wrapping up the show as always is the music segment. Enjoy the KH2 Final Mix remix that we found on YouTube! We can’t wait to see you all again in a few weeks!
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