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    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 67

    0 Comments Jun 9th, 2014, 10:40am EDT
    Kingdom Hearts Union: Episode 67

    No News for KH3 at E3 2014!

    Well, much to our disappointment, Square Enix has announced that there will be no new news for Kingdom Hearts at E3 2014. However, that doesn’t deter our awesome podcast team from making a great show. Branden is joined by Churro and Sabrina and they dive right on in to this extra long episode! First off, the gang talks about the announcement that SE made concerning KH3 and E3 this year.

    However, there was a new teaser trailer for the game and the trio give their thoughts and theories on what they trailer could mean. THEN, they reenact the trailer for your entertainment! Outside of KH3 news, we have release dates for KH 2.5 HD in Japan, North America, and Europe! Because E3 is upon us, the hosts have a special segment called “Games you should care about”. This is a segment about games you should play in the meantime while we wait for KH3 to hit shelves. The Burning Question for next time is “What game showed at E3 2014 are you most excited for apart from KH3 or FFXV?” Get your answers in!

    After that, it’s time for your questions and this show we have a great discussion about whether or not Riku will/should have a game devoted to him or if it should just stay with Sora. Shenanigans ensue! The show comes to a close with a wonderful remix from both KH and 358/2 that’s great fun. We hope you guys really enjoy E3 this year and we’ll see you again in a few weeks!
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