miniGUP: There are too many FPSs out there!


MiniGUP is back this week for another show all about gaming. This time around, Darryl, Colin, and Lauren sit down to talk about the current issues and your questions. Clo is sitting this one out due to her crazy schedule at EuroGamer this year.

The first part of the show is devoted to all things PlayStation Vita including its price, desirability, game lineup, and its general potential with the gaming market in comparison to the new wave of mobile gaming. Afterwards, they move into your questions, which include hearing voices in your head when reading someone else’s post and whether or not there are too many Fist Person Shooters (FPS) on the market today.

To say the least, the discussion is interesting and may go in a direction that you wouldn’t expect. If you’re interest is peaked, then make sure to listen in to this longer than normal episode! MiniGUP is part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes and releases an episode of MiniGUP every three weeks.


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