miniGUP: The end of MiniGUP, but the beginning of everything!


Gaming Union Log, star date...uh...2012. The new year is HERE and MiniGUP is bringing in the new year with style! Even though this is the first show of the year, it is the last episode of MiniGUP. However, where MiniGUP ends, Gaming Union is coming up full force! This episode, Chloe is with Darryl and Colin and they start the show with a couple of your responses from the last episode!

After reading your awesome comments, the trio then goes into announcing all the new/epic content you can expect this upcoming year. Believe us when we say it’s pretty friggin’ big! After giving you guys everything to look forward to, the gang goes into the highlights from MiniGUP including their experiences at 2011 E3, the new year rap, and a few other rants. And what MiniGUP show would it be without your questions.

The big question this episode is how can the community get involved with Gaming Union as a whole. Get psyched people; this next year is gonna be amazing! MiniGUP was part of the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Union podcast channel on Gaming Union/iTunes.


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