Aliens: Infestation Review

Aliens: Infestation Review

In Aliens: Infestation, you're there for one thing and one thing only; killing Aliens. It's a pretty common concept for games in the franchise, but this time it's all played out in a platforming style on Nintendo's handheld console, the Nintendo DS. And unlike a lot of the Alien focused games, this one won't be seeing you play as the franchise's primarily protagonist, Ellen Ripley.

Infestation instead focuses on a team of officers sent in to handle all of the Aliens roaming around the massive spaceship known as Sulaco LV-426. It promotes an interesting concept, because you'd think that you'd be sent on plenty of search and rescue missions, but instead, most of the people that you can find are either dead or are the last of their group and are fully capable of handling the aliens themselves as you roam around.

On the story front, things are pretty simplistic as it offers a bunch of different characters with seemingly different personas without a compelling storyline. The events of this game take place after Aliens, the sequel movie to Alien, and focus mainly on fighting through Sulaco LV-426. If you're expecting a movie-like plotline, don't get your hopes up. Most of the story revolves around your next objective as given from your higher up. There's no real moment of emotional turmoil other than, of course, when you make a boo-boo and all of a sudden you're down two characters - a rather interesting concept no less.

The characters you play as are simply people you pick up along the way. You'll start off with four and when or if the Aliens begin picking those original four off, you'll be able to search for new members to help out. Each character offers a slightly different dialogue option, but overall there's no real difference between them. As the game goes on, you can check the main menu in order to see how many characters you've picked up and how many were killed off. You're only allowed four characters at a time and there's no character storage system around, making character hunting a bit of a nuisance. Really, those who play the game well are punished, leaving you with no option but to start letting your characters die off so that you can pick up some new ones. It means this unique concept takes an odd, and rather negative twist.

Fans of the Alien series, should expect to see some odes to the film especially when it comes to weapons, as you can wield pulse rifles, smart guns, and flame throwers. Many of the weapons are objective-focused as well. For example, although flame throwers offer a ton of damage to the Aliens, they can also be used to open doors that have been sealed shut thanks to Alien goo. This does present a problem though, as you can only switch items once you have reached a save point. So, if you've reached a door that's sealed shut by Alien junk, you can't open it with a grenade or a smart gun. No, you have to use the flame thrower which means you have to travel all the way back to a save point, change guns and then open the door. This is not the same for grenades and dynamite thankfully as you're able to switch through those quite easily, but weapons are a bit of a pain.


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