Aliens: Infestation Review

Aliens: Infestation Review

There are also plenty of items that you'll need in order to move forward, such as a lamp for places where the power has gone out or a wrench to turn off hot steam that may be blocking your path. These are all available in your inventory at all times, although they aren't always equipped so periodical checks to see if your lamp has turned off after a reboot is a must. These elements give the game a bit more variety and it's welcome. It stops it from being just a simple shooter with nothing but mindless action.

Pretty much all of the Alien enemies from the movies are in this game including the regularA, face huggers, and those baby Aliens which pop out of people's stomachs. There are also mutated gorilla type Aliens and robots with pistols roaming around all of which require slightly different strategies. These could be blowing them up with a grenade, running backwards while shooting, or ducking in order to avoid getting shot.

This does highlight another problem though, the controls. If you're shooting, it's been designed so that you can't turn around - instead, you'll walk backwards. But enemies frequently jump around and this can mean that turning around a lot does become a bit troublesome. It's not a deal breaker, but it would have been nice if this mechanic felt a little bit smoother.

There are quite a few bosses throughout the entire game which don't really require to much strategic alteration. That doesn't mean they aren't difficult though and it's often the bosses that will kill most of your party members. Like most platformers, these boss battles happen primarily at the end of a level, although Aliens: Infestation did well in changing things up a bit later in the game. For example, a driving level was included where you need to shoot oncoming Aliens by using the touch screen in an effort to keep your vehicle from exploding. This mission offers a nice change of pace to an otherwise very basic platformer.

With the 3DS having been out for a while, Aliens: Infestation does a good job of reminding us that the DS still packs some punch. It goes back to the 2D platformer style, but it's definitely attractive in all its simplicity. The Aliens have a lot more detail compared some of the other Alien platformers out there and of course it's always nice to revisit Sulaco LV-426. You'll need to find maps for each level in order to use them, but once you do, they will prove to be very useful when going from ship end to ship end.


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