Aliens: Infestation Review

Aliens: Infestation Review

Travelling through the ship is not that hard, although it can get a little tiring when you have to travel half way across the map only to realize you can't access a location because you don't have the right key card yet. This is particularly hard in the first level as you begin to feel as though you need to find and unlock everything in the ship, but the game just won't let you as you haven't gotten the right item or keycard. Later in the game, you'll be able to revisit these location with more items, but unfortunately they don't make it that obvious that you'd be coming back to prior levels.

There are also some notable glitches within the map that can prove to be quite a nuisance. There were a few times where objective markers would disappear or just would not show up in a level making it very hard to navigate.

Aliens: Infestation has a pretty decent length, but because of the character mechanic, playing it again doesn't seem like a daunting prospect. In fact, it can feel like quite an appealing one. Perhaps you could see how long you'll go with one person or to see if you can in fact find all the people you may have missed along the way.


Aliens: Infestation, for what it is, works. It's a simple shoot 'em up platformer offering a few challenges along the way and decent graphics. The developers did a good job of making the game feel accessible, while also offering up an interesting mechanic involving the characters. It's not without its faults though as the controls can be a bit cumbersome and roaming around the ship can get a bit old. But, the game works as a whole and will be a decent bit of entertainment for those who need something to pass the time.

Our Verdict

The Good
» Top Notch Graphics for 2-D Platformer
» Character/Death mechanic is a great concept.
» Plenty of nostaliga.
The Bad
» While a great concept, the character system is also flawed.
» The map can be glitchy sometimes.
» Cumbersome controls can be frustrating.



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