AMY Review

AMY Review

The survival horror genre has changed quite a lot in recent years, with many developers not willing to take risks on a genre that they feel isn't a bastion for success. VectorCell on the other hand saw this as an opportunity and have poured their efforts into a game that looks to breathe new life in the genre. But, it doesn't. Instead, it serves as a warning for other developers that if you want to make a survival horror game, the fundamentals need to be good before you even start thinking about the rest.

After getting Amy out of facility which we're lead to believe is rather sinister, Lana is attempting to get her some proper treatment. They're on their way to do just that by train when the game starts, but their journey is rather rudely interrupted by a massive explosion, a train crash, oh, and a zombie apocalypse.

From here, the story is pretty basic. You meet some NPCs, but they have no real impact on proceedings and the only snippet of development you ever really see is during the cutscenes that play at the end of each chapter. It's a disappointment, as the premise of a supernatural girl is an interesting one, but it gets lost due to the rest of the game's ineptness.

Things start out rather well. Following the train crash, the game creates a great atmosphere. You aren't sure what's going to jump out, there are sharp noises and camera angles all designed to get the heart pumping. But after the first few minutes have passed, this all gets lost. As soon as you get out of the train and encounter your first zombie, the illusion is shattered by some terrible melee combat and the game never recovers. It's ironic, the game starts with a train wreck, and ends up as one.

While you can swing like a mad-man, the hit detection on your swings doesn't allow you to always hit zombies even if your weapon goes through them. If you miss, the zombie then has a chance to counter and from there, things can go pretty wrong - unless you use the wonderful dodge move. You can just spam this to your heart's content if you want, and although doing so looks ridiculous, it is pretty effective. Don't try to run away though, as combat has a very finite nature. Either you're going to do die, or they are. Healing or attempting to run just allows them to get in a few cheap shots - in other words, your best bet in a losing situation is to just plug away and pray.


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