Anarchy Reigns Review

Anarchy Reigns Review

Since their first game released on the Nintendo Wii, Platinum Games has made quite the splash in the video games industry. They proved to be much more than your typical Japanese developer, releasing many games that consistently pleased both Eastern and Western gamers. Their latest title, Anarchy Reigns, is the spiritual successor to MadWorld and appears after a six-month delay. Now ditching the black and white look and focussing on being an online multiplayer brawler, Anarchy Reigns delivers another surprising game from Platinum Games.

In Anarchy Reigns, the crazy, over-the-top world from MadWorld is back and so is its main character Jack Caymen. Alongside Jack, there are a few other characters from MadWorld, but there are also plenty of new characters introduced to tell a new story. It focusses on Jack and newcomer Leo Victorion, as they look to find a deadly man named Max. The story is split up into two different campaigns, with Dark telling Jack's story and Light focusing on Leo's side.

Compared to MadWorld, the story takes a more serious approach. Still this does not mean that the story in Anarchy Reigns ever takes itself too seriously. Before a heavy-handed cutscene can drag down the mood, you are thrown back into the many different arenas to completely massacre hundreds of enemies. Still, the story is completely passable as you can tell the main attraction here is the gameplay. However, if you need an extended tutorial then the story is place to go before the real game begins.

Anarchy Reigns is unlike most online games out at the moment, offering large scaled battles while having a big focus on close quarters combat. You control a character of your choice from a third person perspective and you will notice that while most of the characters may be huge, the gameplay is still very fast paced. There is a basic offering of fast, strong and grab attacks to soften up your opponent and as you learn more, you also have a limited number of killer attacks to damage your opponents severely.

Top this off, with learning when and how to evade and when to use items/power ups, you might find yourself overwhelmed at first. This is where getting yourself familiar in tutorial and story mode really pays off. Once you familiarize yourself with everything you can do and when to do it, you will be ready to hop into the even more hectic side of the game.


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