Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Review

Animal Crossing New Leaf is not your average life simulator and it's clear that not all players who play it will have the same experience. Now making its debut on the Nintendo 3DS, New Leaf boast quite a few new features that make the game feel fresher than ever, such as being a mayor of your new town. Don't worry though, you will still be shaking trees, fishing, and playing off the infamous loan shark Tom Nook in your free time so don't think your new powers of mayor will get you too far.

In a series that has been taking baby step in each new title, it is great to see Nintendo didn't want to rest on their laurels this time around. Even still, all of these features sometimes don't feel like there is enough new to keep you busy. Being a mayor doesn't do much else besides having everyone in your town love you from the get go and now have to pay 300 percent more money than ever before.

Stepping into your new town, becoming mayor, and getting caught up in all the hype at first is fun. Then after a few days you realize that you are still repaying your loan to Tom Nook and picking up it catching anything you can to sell for more money. You can now build new things around your town, but only items your citizens suggest. Then there are Ordinances. These let you change your town into one you would like more. You can make it more focused on being a night owl, early bird, nature lover, or just looking to make more money.

Being a mayor ends up feeling like you're a citizen who has way more responsibility than you would ever ask for. If there were actually more things to do as the mayor this wouldn't be as disappointing, but it all seems rather limited. Still, if you take away the lack of scope that comes with being the major, there are still hundreds of things to do around your town.

The basic formula for every other Animal Crossing game is still very present, but after playing the same game so many times, hardcore fans who didn't feel burnt out after City Folks on the Wii will need to REALLY love Animal Crossing to invest the hundreds of hours this kind of game will suck out of you.

If you have never played Animal Crossing before this would actually be a great starting point and without a doubt New Leaf is the best version of the Animal Crossing yet. Having it on a portable system is also a huge plus. Be sure to have plenty of free time ready to invest into New Leaf because how you spend your time can be one of the hardest decisions to make in the game.

When it comes to making money you can grow fruits, catch fish, grow flowers, and just shake a tree hoping something comes out. There is much more to do then just get money and talking to all the different animal neighbours will help them adore you even more and keep them happy. Different animals will sometimes have requests for you such as just hanging out, getting a special item for them, or just have you be their free post man. These result in you getting all sorts of special items from them as a reward.


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