Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Review

Bleach: Soul Resurreccion Review

Special attacks require Reiatsu, or Spiritual Pressure, which comes in the form a nice blue gauge under the health bar. Using Spiritual attacks will gradually deplete the gauge while activating the Ignition gauge will instantly restore it. The Ignition gauge gives a huge boost to combat efficiency, increasing the range of your strikes, the power of your attacks and the amount of damage you can absorb without being knocked back. It also gives you access to your Ignition attacks which are so powerful that they can easily clear out entire mobs in a single hit, although it's recommended that you save them for the more powerful enemies like the Menos Grande and especially boss type enemies. Speaking of which, each character has their own easily identifiable special and Ignition attack that fans will surely recall from the series. Ichigo employs his powerful Getsuga Tenshou while Rukia's Hakuren deals devastating freeze damage, even Yoruichi's Shunko is right there when you need it.

Bleach: Soul Resurrección - Rukia

Playing the game on Normal is a breeze; however, beating missions will unlock the Hard and Very Hard modes, which offer a much higher challenge to veteran gamers. Simply running in head first and sword swinging is a surefire way to die. Strategy needs to be employed, blocking and dodging become just as essential as attacking. Even reading your opponent's movements and predicting what they might do next is an important aspect of the game's combat system.

In addition to the main story campaign, there are also a number of other modes like Mission Mode and Soul Attack where players are challenged to a variety of objectives. From time attack missions, Defeat-100-Enemies missions, boss challenges and whatnot, there's plenty to tackle even if the main story campaign is so short. Mission Mode is easily the best place to grind for Spirit Points to use in the Level Up system that accompanies the combat.

Complimenting the core gameplay is a rather deep level progression system. It's not unlike skill trees seen in RPG games. Players can purchase new stat boosts with Spirit Points collected by defeating enemies or breaking elements in the world. Get a 100 hit combo going and you'll obtain a multiplier, doubling the amount of points you earn. Each character has their own skill board of sorts and only adjacent skills can be acquired. Things like Defence, Offence, Spiritual Pressure, Health and Ally Buffs can be upgraded here. Even so, grinding with just one character won't get you very far as access to other boards are locked until the respective characters reach the required level. Essentially, you'll need to try everyone out before you're able to max out a single character.

Bleach: Soul Resurrección - Ichigo

Levelling up any one character is quite important, especially for those attempting to get certain Trophies. Leaving characters at their base stats makes it impossibly difficult to clear missions on Very Hard mode where enemies deal massive damage and bosses are much smarter in the way they fight. On top of that, certain missions pits you against not one, not even two, but sometimes even three boss characters at once. So while the story is relatively easy to beat, the real challenge lies in the different Missions. Not to mention, each Mission is graded based on player performance and achieving an S Rank is a challenge in and of itself. Yes, there is a Trophy for beating everything with an S Rank.


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