Crysis 2 Review

Crysis 2 Review

At this moment in time, the first-person shooter genre is in no way a fresh or new approach to the gaming industry, with titles being pumped out at every corner. To make it even more saturated, Crytek, a German game developer, has brought us the follow-up to their old popular PC franchise Crysis. This time around though, players can enjoy the game on the PS3 and 360 as well. The question of the hour is simple: how does Crysis 2 hold up against the mountain of other FPS titles out there?

The story in Crysis isn't all that bad, even if it does rehash a lot of plot elements from other games. You play as a US Marine named Alcatraz, a faceless and voiceless character that, after the typical 'mission-gone-wrong' scenario, is chosen to be the new man behind the mask and armor of the incredbily powerful Nanosuit. The previous owner of the suit, known only as Prophet, pulls you out of the wreckage of the failed mission and puts the suit on you. He then charges you with the task of completing his mission; the defeat of the alien race known as the Ceph, and finding a cure for the terrifying disease known as the Manhattan Virus (which Prophet has contracted). From there, you set out on a journey to find a way to exterminate the extremely powerful extraterrestrials all the while battling against an elite group of mercenaries called C.E.L.L. who want nothing more than to kill you.

The story wasn't anything to write home about though, it just served as a very poor diversion for the gameplay, which is considerably better. For starters, FPS fans who love to do nothing but "run n' gun" will accomplish very little in Crysis 2, other than dying over and over again. There's a massive amount of concentration on the stealth aspect. You see, your Nanosuit has a wonderful cloaking ability that allows you to sneak up on your enemies or bypass them all together. There are many sections in the game where running in balls first will not work and will get you killed time after time; it's the patient players that will come out the other side unscathed. While the stealth mechanic takes quite a bit of getting used to, once you get the hang of it, you'll be sneaking up on aliens and C.E.L.L. members to stealth kill in no time!

However, stealth is not the only way to go as there are sections that you have to blast your way through. Never fear though; your Nanosuit has come prepared for that as well. In addition to the cloaking ability, your suit has an Armor mode that will absorb damage taken from bullets, phsycal attacks, and big falls. Needless to say it's quite handy when the sh*t hits the fan. Your suit is also capable of allowing you to sprint at high speeds, jump super high and power kick cars and other large objects at your enemies. But, your ability to do all of these actions is dependent on the Nanosuit's energy. Run out of it, and you're stuck with no abilities until it charges back up. Strategy is of the utmost importance unless you want to find yourself surrounded by baddies with no way to protect yourself or disappear to regroup.

You suit also has a HUD that allows you to identify enemy targets as well as tactical points and areas for you to take advantage of. Is that pesky tank giving you too much trouble? Well, pull up your trusty HUD and locate an area that you can sneak through using your cloak. Wanna blast your way through a large roadblock? Well, your lovely HUD will help you find ravager rocket launchers or a gun turret to use. Once again, strategy reins supreme.


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