Dynasty Warriors 7 Review

Dynasty Warriors 7 Review

Dynasty Warriors is a franchise which feels like it's been around for way longer than it actually has. In fact, the Dynasty Warriors that we know has only been around since the start of the PlayStation 2 era, as the original title was a fighting game, like Tekken. It's actually grown a lot since then though; many more characters have been added, new gameplay mechanics have been phased in and the modes have been fleshed out. These elements have enabled many people to become well versed in Chinese history, all while slaughtering thousands of people at the same time. Dynasty Warriors 7 certainly doesn't stray too far from any of this.

As expected, the story mode in Dynasty Warriors 7 looks at the three main kingdoms from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms story: Shu, Wei and Wu. It all starts off with the Yellow Turban Rebellion and then, depending on which story you choose, you'll find out a different element of what actually happened. And in typical Dynasty Warriors style, there will be a nice touch of fiction thrown in there for effect too.

What's different about Dynasty Warriors 7 though, is that they've tried to make it all feel a bit more "personal". Before, you had a choice over who you wanted to enter the fray with, but now the choice is set in stone. If you choose Wei, for example, you'll use a mixture of Cao Cao, Xiahuo Dun, Xiahuo Yuan, Cao Pi, Dian Wei and Jia Xu.

Also new, is a fourth storyline. Whereas previous games have focussed primarily on the rise of three main kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors 7 takes a more detailed look at what happened afterwards in history, specifically with the Jin Dynasty. Some of the Jin faction characters have appeared in previous games, like Sima Yi, but never has the story of their rise to power been elaborated on that much.

Gameplay has always been the facet of Dynasty Warriors that people have either loved or hated. And as a basic entity, the gameplay in Dynasty Warriors 7 is not that much different from those that came previously. Every character has their basic quick attack, but they also have a strong attack that can be linked in to mix things up a bit. At the start, your basic attack chain will be limited to four moves, but as characters progress you'll be able to increase this to six - the same theory applies to the strong attacks too.

What's slightly different with Dynasty Warriors 7, is how they've gone about the actual weapons themselves. Each character can use multiple types of weapons, whereas in previous games they were restricted to using the default weapon assigned by the developer - they could be upgraded, but if someone started using a sword, that's all they could ever use. It's a great addition, and with the ability to hold two weapons at the same time, it gives the whole experience much more freedom. For example, you may really hate using Xu Zhu's massive club, so you can instead equip him with some Tonfa.


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