Fate of the World: Tipping Point Review

Fate of the World: Tipping Point Review

When the words Global Warming video game are brought up, most people wouldn't give it a second thought. What would you do? Ignore the cries of nations and set the globe afire? Yes, that's exactly what you would do in Fate of the World: Tipping Point, a revised release of the card-based strategy game from Red Redemption. It certainly doesn't sound gripping at all, but strategy and trading-card game enthusiasts may find something here worth checking out.

The main focus of Fate of the World is global warming, or more accurately climate change. Players step into the role of the head of an environmental organization called GEO - short for Global Environmental Organization - and their sole responsibility is to lead the world into a greener future. There are five original campaigns to explore, each with some very interesting scenarios like reaching Earth Day without worldwide global warming levels hitting 3 degrees or higher, or raising the human development index in Africa to a suitable level.

It's an interesting concept to say the least and it's arguably more socio-economic simulator than video game. Needless to say, that's not a mark against it as there is fun to be had here, especially if you're interested in the subject matter at hand, which is much more relevant to current world events than you'd think. In addition, there are some elements that are more game-like despite its inherently serious nature. Players can choose how the media and public relations addresses them, ranging from the more respective titles like Sir or Ma'am to the more outrageous ones like Your Worship, Your Excellency or Learned One.

Each scenario will give players a specific objective that they have to meet alongside optional bonus objectives. Players can also clearly see the criteria for losing a scenario, which usually involves being banned from a number of regions and the like. It features a card-and-turn-based system with each turn representing five years. Players can recruit agents in specific regions to increase their influence, increasing the size of their hand and the options they can make.

There are multiple cards to play and players will unlock more depending on what they deal. Playing the Political Office card will establish a political office, opening security options in case a region destabilizes; or players can play the Environmental Protection Office and open up options to save and preserve the environment. With the passing of every turn, players can recruit more agents and play more cards, but it's important to pay attention to both global and regional news. These can be viewed by choosing a region and hitting the News icon, which will display positive news in green and negative news in red. Depending on what's what, players will have to play their cards accordingly in order to appease the nations.


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