Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Review

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Review

Many HD collections/remakes have released this generation, but it’s taken Square Enix quite a bit of time to get into the act with some of its more recognised properties. It’s clear to see why, as Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix is much more than your average HD collection. It includes Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - never before released outside Japan - and Re:Chain of Memories – never before released in Europe. The Nintendo DS title 358/2 Days can now also be experienced in brand new HD cinematics. This collection of games is one of the most content heavy HD collections out there you can get and at a steal.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix is now over ten years old and has aged surprisingly well even without the new enhancements. The story of Sora, Donald, and Goofy searching for their friends has a slow start, but by the end you’ll remember why you feel in love with the series all these years ago. The simple concept of mixing elements from Final Fantasy games and Disney films is sure to make you nostalgic at some point playing this game.

The original Kingdom Hearts was a fun and challenging Action RPG with a couple of issues holding the gameplay back. Many of these issues have since been address, such as how the camera is controlled. The command system has also been updated so that instead of having the interact/special ability command at the bottom of the list, all you have to do is press Triangle. The last command is now assigned to summons, which makes it much easier to execute them as before it was buried in the magic command.

These changes are all very welcome, but don’t always mix well with the original game’s design. The camera for example, will get stuck in tight corridors or during platforming. The Triangle button is also still used to call on allies to attack your locked on target, this can sometime result in you using a special ability when you didn’t mean to in battle. Outside of these very minor issues the control changes really help to stop the game feeling dated.

Final Mix also comes with quite a lot of new features such as an expanded offering of Keyblades, Heartless, ecret boss fight and cutscenes. Getting the definitive version after all of these years is great to have for anyone who felt disappointed that this version never released overseas. If that wasn’t enough new content for you Final Mix, also has two exclusive abilities in 1.5 Remix. You can now use the helpful Combo Master ability and for the masochistic, you can equip Zero XP at the beginning of any Proud Mode playthrough. Sadly Zero XP is absent from any other difficulty.

Final Mix has also received the most TLC with its presentation. Many of the game’s textures have been updated and the music has now been replaced with orchestrated versions of each track. Sora, Riku, and Ansem are also using their character models from Dream Drop Distance, which makes them look much sharper; they stand out a lot more compared to the rest of the characters. Since not all of the character models have been updated, whenever you notice the jagged edges on someone it does make it a bit more apparent. Dark Riku is the best example as his outfit still looks very pixelated, whereas his face is incredibly smooth.


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