Max & The Magic Marker Review

Max & The Magic Marker Review

ff610a; float:right; margin-left:5px;"> While the overall standard of design is very high, some of the puzzles don't necessarily work that well. There is one in particular which is much more hassle than it should have been, but fortunately, these puzzle-types only appear as a one-off in the game. It's a shame, because there's so much ingenuity behind some of the puzzles and it's spoilt by a few over-sights. The actual platforming is also a bit of a downside, as the controls aren't overly tight. They're ok for most purposes, but when things need to be done in a hurry they aren't overly responsive.

The game has a nice art style overall, with the three worlds each having a distinct, yet sometimes odd, personality. The last level especially implements so many different mechanics, but is often spoilt by quite bad frame-rate issues, which appear whenever Max picks up objects. It makes jumping a bit of a pain, as the frame-rate suddenly drops, then speeds back up to normal. There's also a lack of enemy types, as there's essentially only one throughout the entire game - a purple blob. The soundtrack is pretty good though and provides a nice accompaniment while pondering how to progress.

In terms of replayability, Max & the Magic Marker has a decent amount. The game will take between 2-4 hours to complete depending on how quickly the brain cogs are turning, but there is an incentive to play again. Each level contains hidden ink blobs, which require an extra bit of cunning to obtain, but are also speed challenges to complete too, as well as normal pick-ups. Each of these has an associated special mode, for example, one mode is "Full Marker", which means that Max no longer has to collect ink, and his pen is always full. As a special treat, the developers also give everyone who completes the game a prize, which can be collected by visiting the official website and inputting the password that's given.


Max & the Magic Marker is a great game that will definitely challenge the mind. There have been other games on the Wii that implement a similar mechanic, but none have done it as effectively, or made it as enjoyable and rewarding. It's not all rosy though, as some puzzles don't work that well, and there are some performance issues with regards to the platforming controls and frame-rates. However, the quest to bring down Max's evil Monster-drawing is overall a good one and one that's well worth playing.