Move Fitness Review

Move Fitness Review

Exercising and eating right are two things that we all need to do each day, but unfortunately the majority of us have succumbed to the horrible habit of being lazy. But instead of encouraging chunky couch potatoes, some video game developers have decided it’s time to get people moving and grooving especially those with motion-control peripherals. Move Fitness, is Sony's first foray in this direction and it's designed for for those of us with the PlayStation Move peripheral. Its purpose is to help strengthen and tone your body in the comfort of your own home. However, while Move Fitness can help you out with those annoying flabby bits, it’s not perfect.

First, you will need two Move controllers in order to play and, of course, a relatively big playing space. The rest comes with just using your own body and making sure you keep in time with the trainers. If you want to do a generic workout, there are a few customizations you can choose from like Strong Shoulders and Beach Body. If you feel like doing just an overall work out, then you’ll do a bunch of exercises that cover your entire body. You can also choose how long you wish to workout for whether it’s 10 minutes or 25.

While these workouts sound really inviting and almost exciting, it tends to get a bit boring after the second set. The workouts focus on heavy repetition which means doing the same thing for about 2-3 minutes and even though it gets the job done, it doesn’t really make you feel happy about doing the same routine tomorrow. The beauty about certain fitness games is how you can really change up what you do everyday to ensure you won’t get tired of the same thing, but Move Fitness lacks any kind of variety in that sense. Doing the same workout everyday for a month would probably prove to be too monotonous for some.

With each workout, you’re supposed to be hitting targets in order to ensure you’re doing the workout correctly. Hit the targets well enough, and the game will send you into Overdrive which earns you even more points, but forces you to push yourself even harder as suddenly the trainer starts going extremely fast. After each workout is finished, your points will be added up along with your calories burned.

The trainer, who is supposed to be helping you, really turns out to deceive you in the end, distracting you from how your supposed to go. Say you miss a target, you’ll become extremely focused on keeping up with the trainer than hitting the target which will ensure you get the points you deserve. If you aren't used to pacing yourself, the Overdrive can also hinder you more than help you, because you might find yourself unable to finish the workout since you’ve used up all of your energy.


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