Mugen Souls Review

Mugen Souls Review

Although some game developers can't seem to get their act together when it comes to localizing games from Japan, NIS America always seem to deliver. This latest game from Compile Heart is Mugen Souls, sandwiched between the release of the developer's Hyperdimension Neptunia MK2 and Hyperdimension Neptunia victory. Those are some very big shoes to fill, especially since Mugen Souls is a brand new IP.

The story in Mugen Souls is rather quirky, but that's what we've come to experience from NIS America titles. If you're expecting a charming narrative paralleling our current world, questioning our moral, religious, and perhaps even political beliefs, you just won't really find that here. What you will find is a simple story about a girl named Chou Chou whose only objective in life is to make everyone her "peon". In other words, she has a taste for world domination and with the help of her friends Ryuto and Altis, her dream of being the 'Undisputed God of the Universe' can finally become reality.

Overall, the story pretty simple, but it comes with some rather dirty humour tacked on. There are quite a few moments where the jokes just seem a bit to vulgar even for the 16 year olds who are allowed to purchase the title. To give you some insight, the first five minutes take place in a bath and both Altis and Chou Chou are wearing no clothing. A pretty shocking opening for those not really expecting it.

Unfortunately, none of the characters are given any real sense of development, something that you'd like to see in an RPG as you're pretty much stuck with the characters for a considerable amount of time depending on how much you choose to complete. Although the funny dialogue is welcoming at first, after a while it just gets a bit tedious.

There are seven worlds that need conquering in the game: Shining Sun World, Glowing Moon World, and Vivid Fire World to name a few. Aside from Peons, Chou Chou will also be picking up seven different "personas", such as terse, graceful, and bipolar. These personas end up playing an important part in the game's battle system as certain enemies are easier to fight in certain personas compared to others.

How you fight is also a bit different from your standard RPG. While it's typical to have traditional attacks and special moves, in Mugen Souls there's also Moe Kill, where players have to use a correct pattern of adjectives in order to successfully charm a creature into becoming Chou Chou's prized new Peon. Basically what you're trying to do is get the creature to like you by matching their status effects and being the exact kind of girl that turns them on. For example, it might be a kind girl or it might be a determined girl.

The main issue with the Moe Kill system is that it can sometimes be quite hard to decipher when to use which one when. You might think you have the exact pattern of traits to successfully perform a Moe Kill, but it could still go horribly wrong. This gets a bit frustrating as if you get them consistently wrong, your enemy will go into fever mode and become even harder to kill.


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