One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Review

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Review

After a positive response to the original game, Namco Bandai decided that this was the way to go with the One Piece franchise. This lead to the development of One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2, which is again a PlayStation exclusive. However, despite having an original story line and Dynasty Warriors-like gameplay, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 although fun, suffers from some repetitiveness.

The story starts you off with Luffy and his crew battling a large fleet of marines led by the determined Smoker. After traveling to new islands, Luffy and his crew find dials from the land of Skypiea which cause everyone but him and his navigator, Nami, to go crazy. Forced to team up with Smoker, whose crew has lost their sanity as well, Luffy journeys to discover the meaning of the dials, how to save his friends, and uncover a conspiracy within the World Government while running into many familiar allies and enemies.

The gameplay is very much like the Dynasty Warriors series. Players will select a character and fight hoards of enemies to secure areas of a map. As you do this, other goals and objectives will appear such as saving a teammate, finding a hidden enemy, or confronting a boss.

By defeating enemies you gain experience points to level up. If you want to use a different character, but hate developing them, you can transfer experience to a character of your choosing. It’s a nice touch and does help to move away from a bit of the monotony.

While your primary attacks stem from the square and triangle button, there are very few combinations that you have at first. However, the more you level up, the more combos you unlock. It may take several levels though so you may be stuck with the same three or four combos for a while.

Other attacks come from filling up gauges on the screen. One gauge dictates the use of large attacks that can hit many enemies. The other allows access to a temporary, powered-up state. For example, Luffy will use haki to cause surrounding enemies to pass out. His moves will also change as he uses both Second and Third Gear to attack many enemies at once. When entering this state, a second gauge will appear with a photo of an ally that you brought into battle. If this fills and you press circle, the main fighter will use an attack as he exits to make way for the ally who attacks on entrance. The ally can only stay for a limited time, but they level up as well which can increase their tagged in duration.

While the first few levels can only be played with Luffy, you soon will be able to use Nami, Smoker, Brooke, Jimbei, and so on. The only bummer is that some characters take a lot longer to unlock so it may be a while before you can play as the swordsman Zoro or the lovesick Sanji.


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