Pandora's Tower Review

Pandora's Tower Review

Despite being a huge success, the Nintendo Wii has, in many ways, struggled to cement itself as a hub for role-playing games. And even when such games were being talked about in Japan, Nintendo was reluctant to chance the release of these titles in the West. That was, until there was massive pressure from gamers. This saw Nintendo change its tune and the most recent game to benefit from this is Pandora's Tower, an Action RPG from Ganbarion.

The story focusses around the relationship between Aeron and Elena. Aeron is the hero and he's tasked with trying to rescue Elena from a horrible affliction that's turning her into a weird monster. Naturally, the only way to reverse this curse, is to eat the flesh of twelve guardians that live in a castle.

It's an interesting premise that certainly resonates with some other fantasy tales in recent history, but while Aeron doesn't have a great deal of personality, his tale is a very noble one. And as the game progresses this feeling only grows stronger - you're driven by the objective and the challenge that's ahead.

Each of the twelve towers presents multiple challenges. Of course, there's the guardian you're attempting to slay, but you also have to navigate through the tower itself. This part of the game could have easily been quite boring and mundane, but due to strong controls and the addition of a rather neat chain weapon, things stay pretty fresh as you trek through.

By pointing the Wii Remote at the screen, you're able to aim your chain. And this is where things get rather interesting. If you aim at their face, you'll temporarily blind them; aim at their legs and you'll limit their movement capabilities. Of course, you can also target their arms too, but you also have the option to pull flying enemies down from their advantageous position. In other words, the chain weapon is rather cool and it adds an interesting dimension to what would otherwise have been a rather simple affair.

Aeron can also perform attacks with his sword, but this aspect of the game doesn't feel anywhere near as developed. He can only perform a small amount of moves and it's a shame. Had this part of the game had as much care as the chain, the gameplay in Pandora's Tower would have been much more rewarding.


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