Payday 2 Review

Payday 2 Review

Payday: The Heist released in 2011 and managed to rack up a rather successful amount of sales and a reputation support those sales. When a sequel was announced, it came as no great surprise, apart the news that Sony Online Entertainment were no longer publishing it - that role was handed over to 505 Games. Still, at least Overkill Software are still in charge of development.

Anyone who played the original Payday knows that the story is minimal. In short, you're part of a rather wonderful criminal family who's looking for a nice payday. To gain said payday, you take on contracts that are offered by some nefarious people.

Each contract has its own little sub-story and in the build-up to Payday 2, there was also a web series created. The characters who appeared in this, also appear in the game whenever you're in the planning stages of a mission. It helps to give everything a bit more substance, but it's just basic filler material.

Payday 2 is all about teamwork. Each mission is designed to be tackled by four people and there are four specific roles because of this. Now, that's not to say you need to have a person who's a specialist in each of these fields. In fact, the game has been designed so that you can put skills in whatever tree you want. Each does come with particular benefits if you want to go specifically down one route though.

First-up, there's the Mastermind. This type of individual is all about control. They are able to convert lower-tier police forces to their cause and even convince civilians to come to their aid. When it comes to weapons, Masterminds are geared towards pistols and helping the team as a whole.

Next up is the Enforcer. They're the muscles of the crew and specialise in shotguns. Aside from that, they're also able to wear the most protective armour, but they can also use the OVE-9000 saw - something that's crucial for speeding up certain missions.

The third class is the Technician. They're incredibly useful for speeding up the drilling process and using C4. They can also set up sentry guns, which are nice when trying to cover all your exits.

Ghost is the final class. Their speciality is, as the name implies, not being detected. They're meant to be a stealth-based class, so have technology to blog communications, but they can also pick locks much faster.

Overall, these four classes cover off everything you could possibly want to achieve. However, as you progress through the game the specialisations become much more important if you want to get things done quickly. For example, the Ukranian Job isn't going to be a quick mission if you go in with four Enforcers. However, if you have a high-level Technician, you can be in and out in under 30 seconds.

This time around there are a few more contracts to undertake and the majority of them are rather different. First up, you got the basic contracts like Four Stores, Jewellery Store, Nightclub and Mallcrasher. They're typically quick and easy, but offer quite small rewards because of this. They are also a one-mission job, so there isn't too much riding on it. If you're wanting to set up, you've got Ukrainian Job and Bank Heist. These are still low tier, but are much more serious and the rewards can be huge depending on the speed and difficulty you choose.


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