Puppeteer Review

Puppeteer Review

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a new PS3 game exclusively from SCE Japan Studio. They’ve been involved with many different projects ranging from Gravity Rush to Patapon 3, but you have to go all the way back to Echochrome II before you find a game that’s been solely under their supervision. And with Puppeteer, they’ve created a game that yet again sticks to their quirky, yet traditional roots.

The game’s story focusses on Kutaro, an unfortunate boy who was turned into a puppet and had his head torn off. You see, a few years prior to the story, the Moon Bear King overthrew the Moon Goddess and to make his rule permanent, he started stealing the souls of children to serve as puppet guards.

Kutaro was meant to be one such child, but he was saved by Ying-Yang. With the help of the Moon Witch Ezma Potts, Kutaro then succeeds in stealing the Moon Goddess’ magical scissors called Calibrus from under the Moon Bear King’s nose, and while Potts wanted to try and claim these for herself, Calibrus wants to stay under Kutaro’s ownership.

This sets up the main gameplay element for Puppeteer, as you will have Calibrus as an offensive weapon throughout the majority of the game. However, as the story expands you will also gain additional tools that you can use to help you defeat enemies, and get through the different platforming sections.

The story is much more extensive than many other games of a similar ilk, as you travel through many different acts all in the style of a stage play. In some ways, this is also to the game’s detriment. There’s an extensive focus on cutscenes to explain the story and while this is sometimes welcome, at other times it can become a bit tiresome. Still, there’s no denying that there was clearly a lot of attention paid to the different characters, whether they be allies or foes, as they all have very unique personalities.

Puppeteer’s gameplay style is quite traditional, but the inclusion of Calibrus does add an extra dimension to proceedings. By using the magical scissors, you’re able to traverse through the air by cutting away at numerous types of objects. These could be leaves on plants, steam from an explosion or simply just magical webbing. You will also use Calibrus to defeat the majority of bosses and also to jump between huge gaps.

In almost every act you play through, you’ll gain new items that add to the depth of the platforming experience, but also that of general gameplay. For example, you will start off by acquiring the power of one of the Moon Goddess’ former champions – the Knight’s Shield. This allows you to deflect incoming projectiles and it also shields you from generic attacks. Following on from this, you’ll gain access to a bomb, grappling hook and more.


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