Resident Evil 6 Review

Resident Evil 6 Review

Despite selling well, Resident Evil 5 became a real low point for the Resident Evil franchise. It was the opposite of what gamers expected, with the previous installment into the franchise being a breath of fresh air for the genre and garnering widespread critical acclaim. Resident Evil 6 therefore arrives with a huge level of expectation as poor deliverance could spell trouble for this venerable franchise - not something anyone would wish for.

To say that from the outset might seem rather gloomy, but when you look at what Resident Evil 6 contains, it's clear to see that Capcom wanted to deliver an experience that would put this franchise back on the map. You've got a multitude of characters from the Resident Evil franchise all appearing in one epic story that spans a considerable amount of game time and you've got plenty of additional modes to boot.

The story is split into four different campaigns, with three available at the start. You can play through either the story of Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper, Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans or Sherry Birkin and Albert Wesker's son, Jake Muller. Each of these campaigns are co-operative, with you being able to play either of the characters from the story tree. They also inter-twine, creating a massive story that spans continents and sees the world's population come under serious threat because of the C-Virus.

Throughout the campaign you'll see flickers of good story telling mixed with smatterings of bad story telling. There are some moments that really strike a chord and resonate with the survival horror franchise, but also some moments that just feel rather ridiculous. It's something that Resident Evil has become known for and it works quite well - if anything certain elements of this story have more "realism" to them and it's much appreciated.

Not often is the phrase "too much" used in the video games industry, but it does feel like Capcom are a little guilty here. Due to the expansive nature of the entire campaign, while the different campaigns do meld together at some points, they will often be quite unconnected. It means that playing through one campaign and then starting another feels a disjointed. For example, if you play through Leon's campaign first, you have no idea what has happened in the lead-up and the narrative isn't good enough to gloss over this.

One of the big criticisms with Resident Evil 5 was that it was too static and not all that scary. To try and counter the first criticism, Capcom decided that Resident Evil 6 would become more like a traditional third-person shooter. Yes, you're now able to move and shoot at the same time. There were fears that this would dilute the survival horror nature of the game even further and this is true to some degree. It's nowhere near up there with some of the top players in the survival horror genre, but it still offers much more of a traditional Resident Evil experience in many ways. They were never the scariest games out there, they just offered an uncomfortable experience at best - that's what Resident Evil 6 achieves some of the time, it's just not often enough.


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