Saints Row IV Review

Saints Row IV Review

Saint’s Row IV is the most insane, lewd, shameless, and over the top video game that has ever come out. And that's saying a lot since Saints Row: The Third even had the balls to include a giant sexual implement as a weapon. If you thought that the third game couldn’t be outdone, the twisted development team over at Volition will change your mind with one simple word... superpowers! The Third Street Saints may have originally just been some GTA rip off, but Saints Row IV takes them into a league of their own.

Just to clarify in case you might be confused, Saints Row IV is not just the previously cancelled expansion called Saints Row The Third: Enter The Dominatrix. Saints Row IV and Enter The Dominatrix were being developed at the same time. Saints Row IV ended up taking a lot of the ideas from Enter The Dominatrix and Volition ended up making a brand new game out of it. Enter The Dominatrix will still be released, but now as DLC for Saints Row IV after release.

Five Years after the events of Saints Row: The Third, the Saints leader (you) has saved the world and has been elected President of the United States of America. On the eve of a major press conference for you, an alien army known as the Zin invade planet earth out of nowhere. Most of your crew, including yourself, are abducted and imprisoned inside of a virtual simulation of Steelport.

The opening of Saints Row IV has you saving the world from a nuclear missile and is surprisingly generic. You get this sense that the developers are trying to take a knock against the super serious military shooters that continue to flood the market in today’s most popular video games. What ends up happening is a very bland section of shooting down enemies corridor after corridor. A saving grace comes at the end of the opening mission where the ridiculous nature of a real Saints Row mission finally breaks through.

Once you finally take your seat as the President, Saints Row IV comes into its element. The story never seems to slow down a bit and this is definitely not a bad thing. This installment adds so much variety in terms of missions, it's like waking up to find out Christmas lasts a whole week. Every time you start up a new story mission you never know what you are going to have to do and they almost never follows a similar pattern. Without giving away any of the game’s story, any mission that revolves around you rescuing a homie from your crew in the simulation are the games highest moments.

The size of your group is actually a lot smaller than previous games. Instead of having over 15 homies you barely got to know outside of a short cutscene, you now have a very tight story around your 7 homies. In case you are wondering what happened to all of the other homies from Saints Row: The Third, well an alien abduction really helps to sort the men out from the boys.


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