Street Fighter x Tekken Review

Street Fighter x Tekken Review

When it comes to taking on other franchises, Capcom has it down - they've even got a franchise dedicated to it. But when they announced that they've be taking on Tekken, it turned a few heads. Tekken is a very successful fighting franchise in its own right, but it's of a very different ilk. But seeing how Capcom has managed to integrate the Tekken warriors so seamlessly into the realm of Capcom is rather impressive and it puts pressure on Namco to do the same in the return fixture.

Ignoring the very loose storyline, Street Fighter x Tekken is very much about how these two behemoths meld together. Although since this is Capcom's baby, it's expected that those who're used to the world of Street Fighter will fit right in - they will have no problem picking up their favoured combatants and feeling at home.

Characters like Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and M.Bison all have their moves, which date back to the old days of Street Fighter II, but there are few little extras thrown in for good measure.

Tagging is still a core component to the gameplay, as it has been since Street Fighter IV and the more recent Marvel vs Capcom 3. By tapping the two medium buttons, you'll perform a quick-swap, but there's also the capacity to perform Launches and other more fancy moves too.

Veterans of those aforementioned titles will notice that everything does seem a bit simpler though, perhaps to accommodate for the Tekken audience. Performing an Ultra, for example, no longer needs the same button input. In the case of Ryu, it just requires one quarter circle, followed by each of the punches. Capcom has also introduced the concept of Gems, which act as buffs or in some cases, fail safes.

There are two different types of Gem: Boost and Assist. The first, allows your character to be boosted up, if a set criteria has been met. An example of this could be, having ten attacks blocked. In this instance, you might have your damage output increased by 20 percent. There are others though, such as Gems which give health back, or allow you to take less damage. These are fine, and add to the level of strategic play that's to be expected.

Assist Gems, on the other hand, are a very different proposition. They are designed to help players who're new to the game, but using them comes at a cost. For example, the Assist Gem "Easy Input", which allows special moves to be performed using simplified button commands, reduces your damage output by 10 percent. There are others for "Auto Block" and "Auto Throw Escape" too, which will reduce your Cross Gauge. It's nice that these were included for novices, but it's easy to see that some more experienced players will weigh up the pros and cons.


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