The Cave Review

The Cave Review

Adventure games have not only seen a very interesting resurgence over the past few years thanks to companies like TellTale, but are now doing new and interesting things to put a new twist on a classic idea. Any old PC adventure game fan who was around in the 80s and 90s should know who Ron Gilbert is. Well now Gilbert has teamed up with Double Fine to make The Cave, a game idea he has had for 20 years. It has a very familiar feel and is written in a way that's just as clever as any of his past games. Still The Cave doesn't play it safe and mixes in some very interesting new ideas that in some ways make it much more than your average Ron Gilbert/Double Fine game, but in others, less so.

The Cave tell a story of seven unrelated strangers teaming up to explore a mysterious cave in groups of three at a time. Gilbert explains that these different characters are here to "learn something about themselves and who they might become". All seven characters come from different times and places to explore the cave. There is a knight, a scientist, Victorian era twins, a hillbilly, an explorer, a time traveller, and a monk.

Each character has a different story for you to uncover in the cave and as you dive deeper with your trio you will be narrated by the cave itself. The cave talks to you the player constantly as they continue down their journey and explains bits and pieces of the story as you spelunk down him. Just like the rest of the game's characters, the cave is a hilariously written narrator that keeps you entertained throughout your trip down.

Once you start and select your three characters to play as, you will notice that The Cave feels like an a platforming puzzle game. Every character can run, jump, use items, and has a special power that only they can use. Also depending on if you are playing by yourself or with others, you will have to constantly switch back and forth since the game has no AI for the characters you are not controlling.

You will constantly be switching between characters in order to solve puzzles and this can easily become irritating, since the rest of your party doesn't teleport next to you until you are practically done with the puzzle. Even playing with others doesn't really help this issue, since the game only has one camera, and this stays locked on the main character at all times. You might as well just pass a controller around since most times the only addition co-op adds to the game is that they can help your party catch up to you.


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