The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Review

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing  Review

Van Helsing has been out of the mass market for a little while now, but NeocoreGames has brought this monster back into the fray with The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - albeit in a rather different light. Instead of focussing on the traditional Van Helsing, this game takes place in a 19th century Europe that has a rather steampunk feel to it and it does a pretty good job of still making it work rather well.

Instead of focussing on Abraham Van Helsing, this game follows the adventures of his son and his ghostly friend Katarina as the look to rid the fictional kingdom of Borgovia from its current dose of evil.

The story is rather throw-away, with the different segments throughout the game suffering from poor implementation. There's voice acting in there to deliver the different quests, but it's so wooden that it becomes a little bit laughable. Even the ability choose the outcome of certain quests doesn't change much, as it's unlikely you'll care about what's going on.

In short, you have to try and stop an evil scientist who's been creating monstrosities throughout the city, but killing hordes of monsters is a much greater incentive than the story.

Van Helsing plays out like a typical isometric Action RPG, with each mouse button being assigned to a different attack. However, aside from just using a sword, you also have the ability to switch to a ranged attack on the fly. This is a nice addition, but the game isn't really built to cater for you to be strong in both departments.

The maximum level you can achieve in the game is 30 and there are a finite amount of skill points. You also can't farm due to the fact that everything stays exactly how you left it. Once you kill any enemy, it stays dead unless you create a new character and this is a bit disappointing. You can re-spec your character at any time, but it's often best to just go down one particular route, as opposed to trying to be a jack of all trades.

This also becomes a bit annoying when it comes to getting items, as it's not possible to farm for good items. It means that it's best to go down a Magic Find route early on to try and get good items, which is a pretty big flaw.

There are numerous abilities to learn, but most of them feel quite underwhelming. When looking at the competition out there, Van Helsing struggles in this department. Most of the moves look rather generic, with a slight change to the animation being the most you'll probably get to see. However, their implementation, in terms of what they offer, is quite cool. With every move, there are also sub-abilities that can be learned and stacked up through the use of Rage.


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