Valhalla Knights 3 Review

Valhalla Knights 3 Review

Valhalla Knights 3, from the outside looking in, has a lot of things going right for it. Instead of taking place in a stereotypical fantasy, happy-go-lucky RPG world it takes place in a dark and seedy world filled with criminals. It also combines the unforgiving difficulty the Dark Souls series is known for and even features a soundtrack by the famous Japanese composer Motoi Sakuraba. For a series that has had a rough start, to say the least, being on a brand-new platform should make for a great place to refresh and reinvigorate the series. But in Valhalla Knights 3’s case, that is far from the truth, even if it does manage to fix some of the nagging issues from its predecessors along the way.

The story revolves around an item known as Flockheart’s Treasure, an item which can grant its user any wish and is rumored to be located inside Carceron’s prison. This used to be a castle before it was retrofitted to house fallouts from a post war-torn country. Of course, you as the player enter the prison in an attempt to get the item before the emperor can find it and continue his reign of conquest. Sadly outside of the introduction this plot really isn’t expanded on much at all and serves solely as a backdrop. Still, it’s at least an interesting twist on the genre if nothing else.

Taking its cues from western RPG, Valhalla Knights 3 lets players customize their playable character with a choice of four initial races along with your choice of gender (with more races available as you progress through the game). In an interesting twist the player’s choice of gender alters their default attributes, such as female humans having less vitality but gaining enhanced skill and dexterity. And if you were worried this might make the female choice too weak, don’t worry as it’s only a slight difference between the two sexes.

After picking your class and gender, Valhalla Knights 3 starts to go from a mature RPG to a one targeted solely at teenage boys. Like many other WRPGs you can alter your character’s body attributes, such as hair, eye and for the females a cup size slider. And of course, for that last slider, you can even adjust it to downright embarrassing proportions. While the idea in itself isn’t a bad idea as people come in all shapes and sizes, there isn’t really any need for a character with stripper-like proportions to be running around in a game that tries to go for a more mature setting.

This treatment of women is even apparent from the outset of the game. After getting past the game’s opening scene prison two men approach and end up killing two inmates and kidnapping a female just to top things off. You learn quickly that in Carceron men fight for dominance among each other and women are items for the men’s disposal. The latter becomes evident when the kidnapped women from earlier becomes an escort of sorts in one of the prison’s shops.


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