ZombiU Review

ZombiU Review

Any new console launch is sure to have some good and some bad games in its starting line-up, but there is almost always a killer app. For the Nintendo Wii U, this time around it's not the latest Mario game or mini-game collection. Instead, it's ended up being another Zombie game - not that inspiring on face value. However, ZombiU is a game that nails a lot of elements from other popular game series' in recent times. But, as with any new IP for a brand new console, there are bound to be issues that keep it from true greatness.

The single player for ZombiU has you playing as a random survival in London, England. The main plot of ZombiU tries to give you just enough reason to survive against hordes of the undead. To that end, you're drip-fed just enough story elements for you to soak it all in. In this flooded market, Ubisoft decided that the best way to tell the story would be to have it buried under gameplay and it works.

Your survivor is nothing more than a soulless vessel for you to bash heads with, but this is by no way a negative. The main reason for this is due to the fact that once you die that, character is gone for good and will become a new flesh eater. As you traverse the dark zombie filled city, you will be following instructions from a stranger who is trying to help you escape. On your journey you will go to a variety of places and slowly discover how the outbreak happened.

This is as much of the story as you really need to know going into the game and the real hook will be actually surviving. ZombiU on the surface looks like a traditional first person shooter zombie game, but actually has many deeper systems. Not only is every death permanent in the game, but when you die you have only one chance to kill your old character who is now a zombie, to get your items back from before.

ZombiU is not an easy game by any means and getting bitten or dying will make you turn into a zombie very easily. Not only will you have to face yourself as a zombie, any of your friends who are connected to you on Miiverse will also have to encounter your former survivor. Also in-case you get stuck or feel like helping out the community, you can leave hints around the world you're in. These are some of the best features the Wii U has to offer a unique experience.

You will also not be doing much shooting in this game as you start off. Instead, the focus is primarily on melee combat. This is where the game gets a bit more clunky. While there is nothing here that's bad, there's equally not that much that's good. The game just offers a very mediocre experience in terms of shooting, fighting, and exploring. The gamepad is more good enough to have a great shooter and it hints that the game was just rushed out the door.


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