Darryl Kaye

Europe Darryl Kaye

Founder Editor-in-Chief


Darryl co-founded and the Gaming Union Network. He handles the day-to-day running of the website while also providing coverage in the form of news and reviews. He holds a BSc in Computer Science, with a speciality in Computer Graphics and has worked as a composer on freeware video games.

Shawn Collier

United States Shawn Collier

Software Engineer Associate Editor


Over the years, Shawn has developed into a brilliant coding mastermind and handles much of's development as a result. He also has a strong affinity with classical Japanese video games and brings this knowledge to the table in droves. He's currently expanding his programming skills even further by studying for a Masters in Computer Science.

Adam Ma

Canada Adam Ma

Senior Associate Editor North American PR Associate


Adam has been with for over 2 years and has become an integral part of the team. His enthusiasm for the underground fighting game scene has seen him become a strong component in's expansion and he's never afraid to give his opinion on pressing issues.

Brian Arnold

United States Brian Arnold

Director of Multimedia


Brian heads up's audio offerings, bringing a wealth of experience to the table. He holds a BA in Theatre and Film Studios and is an extremely proficient composer and sound designer. He's been an active member of OC Remix for years under the name of Tweek and has since branched out on YouTube as Tweex The Gaming Geek.

Lauren Alessandra

Europe Lauren Alessandra

Associate Editor Podcast Host


Lauren originally featured on the website as a co-host on the Kingdom Hearts Union podcast and has since gone on to become the show's primary host. She now contributes to on a regular basis and is one of the site's main personalities.

United States Spencer Pressly

Associate Editor North American PR Assistant


Spencer has risen quickly up the ranks within Gaming Union. He helps with editorial content, PR duties and also appears on the Final Fantasy Union podcast as one of the hosts.


Canada Jordan Douglas

Jordan has been a strong influence on's public image throughout North America since he was given the role in the middle of 2010. He's also working on a Business degree at University while doing reviews and features for the website.

Europe Nelson

Nelson is one of the stalwarts, but has found his time restricted in recent times. He's contributed numerous reviews on the website and he still chills out with the community sometimes - come back Nelson, you're missed!

United States Stew Chyou

Stew has been contributing to Gaming Union for a while, offering up critical feedback with reviews and features. It means he's definitely s not afraid to court the controversy - an admirable trait.

Australia Beyhan Moustafa

Beyhan is a very prominent member of the team, working as both a super moderator on the forums and as the occasional news writer on the website. He's got a love for PC gaming that nobody else can understand, but that's what makes him so special.

CanadaJohn Wippersteg

John contributes the occasional review for and absolutely loves his sports, especially his Hockey. He's also good friends with Jordan.

Canada Blair Nokes

Blair is a relatively new addition to the site, contributing reviews whenever the main guys in Canada get a bit too swamped. Always fair, Blair has a knack for detail in his content.