Ethics Policy


Gaming Union does not accept money or other favors in exchange for coverage/reviews from publishers. Any featured content and/or reviews are based on Gaming Union's own editoral discretion.

Occasionally, some content may contain affiliate marketing links. We are paid comission on sales of the products bought through these links, but the content itself is not influenced via advertising partnetships.


If an staff member attends a publisher-sponsored event, we'll note it in the featured article. Additionally, in the rare instance that we review a game in a similar format, we will also note the same in the review itself.


Occasionally, Gaming Union will hold contests and giveaways (known collectively as GUvaways). Each contest/giveaway's rules will be posted, and said rules will be binding for those who pariticpate.

The products included in the promotions are, and should not, be considered endorsements of the companies involved or their products by Gaming Union.


While Gaming Union strives to be completely accurate when publishing content, there may be instance where corrections need to be made to existing articles.

Inaccurate articles will be corrected when this occurs, but they won't be removed from the website.

Early Review Samples

Depending on the title, publishers may send Gaming Union early preview and/or final shipping prior to a game's release for preview and review purposes.

Gaming Union does not accept these copies on preconditions, such as agreeing to produce a review merely because the company in question sent us a sample. However, in cases where the sample is available prior to the game being publicly available and the publisher enacting an emargo, Gaming Union will respect the publisher's wishes in not pubishing any associated news/feature/review content based on the emargo's details.

Starting with games reviewed in 2017 (and some in late 2016), Gaming Union will denote if we accepted an early sample and what platform(s) it was given for. In the case where this isn't present, this denotes that Gaming Union decided to review something that was not provided to us by a company. In which case, an editor or the company purchased the product.

Review Scoring

Prior to a review being published, we do not discuss the review score with the developers nor publishers.

While normally the review originally posted is final, on occasion there may necessitate a reason to reevaulate the original score. If this happens, we'll keep the original score visible and clearly indicate the new score along with an explanation of what brought on the change.