Amazing Resistance 2 Marksman Recreated by Fan

By Kyle Wynen on July 12, 2009, 12:00AM EDT

Gaming Union forum member Hyokenseisou has recreated the much loved Marksman rifle from Insomniac Games' Resistance 2. The gun is to-scale, measures in at 37 inches long, and took "roughly 100 hours" over the course of five days to make.

Highly detailed, Hyokenseisou's Marksman features a working scope, detachable ammo clip, an ammo counter that lights up, and a laser guide. Check her own photos of the Marksman below.

marksman, resistance 2, insomniac games

Hyokenseisou also posted a series of in-progress photos while working on the Marksman on the Gaming Union forums thread. She is currently hosting a poll as to which Resistance 2 weapon she should build next, with the LAARK and Bullseye Mark II leading. Check out Hyokenseisou's website for more of her work and costume commissions.

marksman, resistance 2, insomniac games marksman, resistance 2, insomniac games

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