Fans Unhappy With StarCraft II 1.1 Patch

By Adam Ma on August 27, 2010, 7:26PM EDT

Recently addressing a lot of problems occurring in StarCraft II, Blizzard announced a few big balancing changes to the multiplayer. While the original goal was balance, many fans have taken a good look at the proposed changes for the first major patch and are finding themselves a little disappointed. It's been no secret that many professional players have left Zerg in favour of Terran due to certain balancing issues already and now it appears that the Protoss are up next on the chopping block, seemingly, for no reason at all.

A quick glance through Blizzard's Situation Report and it may seem like a lot of whining is going on, but a good amount of it does have actual merit. Amidst the cheers of a few much needed Terran nerfs, many players are at a loss as to why Blizzard did not choose to address some core problems with the other races.

First up are changes to the Protoss. The all too powerful "Zealot Rushes" early-game have led to the increase in production time as well as an increase in the warpgate cooldown. How this will affect player strategies in the long run will be interesting. Zerglings maintain their production rate and high speed and Marines have range. Compared to that, the new nerf seems to be putting Zealots and the Protoss race at a bit of a disadvantage. In addition, if the problem lies with the production rate of Zealots, there is no real reason to nerf the warpgate cooldown as well.

Zerg, as badly balanced as they already are, have been pretty much left in the dark, with only mention of an Ultralisk nerf/buff to tide them over. Small pickings for a race that sees extremely little play time due to its limitations thus far.

Naturally, the Terrans will be seeing a good amount of nerfing to many units across the board, including bunker build times, battlecruiser damage and obviously, siege tank damage. It's hard to say this is surprising, though, considering the vast majority representation Terrans see in the leaderboards, for some very obvious reasons. What is surprising is that Marauders were left out of the equation. This unit is considered a bit overpowered by many, equipped with good armour, damage and range, it takes a good amount to take them down. Even so, fans of the other two teams are left hanging with a pretty bitter taste in their mouth, claiming that their current concerns regarding game balance have been all but ignored so far.

No doubt Blizzard will be releasing more information regarding game changes, but it's a little strange that they wouldn't provide players with a more comprehensive look at the future. Considering how much feedback is pouring in on their forums, and other databases like Team Liquid, Blizzard should have a pretty easy time figuring out what needs to be done.

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