Five Mechanics Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Needs To Be A True Successor

By Adam Ma on May 5, 2010, 8:52PM EDT

Marvel vs Capcom 3 has caused quite a bit of a stir amongst the gaming community, as hype and anticipation for the game's announcement has been years in the making. Since then everyone and anyone has been throwing down character speculations and wish lists as to who their favorite fighting team would be, but personally I'm far more interested to see what mechanics will make it from the last game to this next-gen rebirth. After all it was the speed, chaos, and 'cool factor' that made Marvel vs Capcom 2 such a blast to play. Being able to see Wolverine tear up Ryu with his claws was just a sweet bonus.

3v3 Combat

It should go without saying, but part of the fun (and balance issues) of MvC2 was being able to swap between three characters on the fly. It meant you could stack up on characters that complimented each other's weaknesses, pick a few fighters you really wanted to get to know, or really just force your opponent to deal with a particular strategy. The ability to use more then just two characters also opens up more assist options, which adds a lot of offensive and defensive options for teams across the board. It also brings us to the next mechanic...

Improved Assists

We already know that the game will host a wide variety of characters, but if that's the case there will have to be more careful re-balancing across the board. Some characters assists were way too good, while others had such an awful range that usage was extremely limited. A redesign of characters means that naturally we'll be seeing some brand new assists, and hopefully many of those will provide a lot more utility. I hate to feel like I'm selecting the same assist type over and over, simply because the other options/characters suck too bad to contribute to a good fight.

Fast Paced

A very large concern is the overall speed of the game, though most of the Versus series of Capcom games have a better pace to them than the traditional Street Fighter title's. Even still there's a chance that Capcom would tone down the overall pace of Marvel vs Capcom, which would really be a crime. In world of Tekkens and King of Fighters it's nice to know that a few fighting games out there are still willing to cater to a more energetic crowd. Plus, it's not like it would stop button mashers anyway.

Fix The Capcom Characters

Most fighting games have a pretty rigid tier system, determined by how strong a character is. In Marvel vs Capcom 2, the tier brackets also take into consideration how 'useful' a character may be. Perhaps they have a strong combo, but have a weak assist, or alternatively their assist is fantastic but their overall move list is weak. Either way you look at it the Capcom side of the fence wasn't too inspiring last game. In fact, almost every single one of Capcom's iconic characters was at the bottom of the list, and for good reason. Why bother using Ryu, or any of his clones, when you could use a character who's similar but good? Which reminds me...

No More Clones

This seems like a no-brainer, but while gamers love to see their favorite characters in-game there's almost no point to doing so if you're just going to make them a cut-and-paste version of someone else. Like Iron Man and War Machine, why even bother making the two of them if one is going to be a worse version of the other? Just give me the color option and I can make one look like the other, and live out my fantasy fights. I mention this as a mechanic because Capcom has already boasted their roster will blow fans out of the water, but I hope that means we'll be seeing more unique characters and not a slew of similar-but-not-quite-different clones.

There's still a lot to be excited about when it comes to Marvel vs Capcom, as the two franchises have some large rosters to sort through. If fan speculation is correct we've already got a very nice cast so far, and even if they just bring back the original 56 fighters and add to the list we'll be in for a treat. I only hope that the final product is more an improvement from the second game in every way, rather than a completely new direction for the series.

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