Halo Reach Unlockables That You Can Earn Before Launch

By Adam Ma on September 11, 2010, 8:00PM EDT

Halo Reach is only a few days away, and we all know that multiplayer is going to be where the real excitement is. Much like everyone fought over earning the hayabusa armor as soon as possible, there's bound to be new levels of customization that will help friends and enemies reach various levels of 'badass'. Some of them we've experienced through beta or in game footage, others we'll only get to see at launch. These next few are some you can start earning now, by playing through some olders Halo titles. The only catch is that these unlockables do require a few other details (such as reaching set career milestones, or other Halo Reach achievements).

Still, it's something to work on/look forward to for a couple days. It's nothing too far out for anyone to accomplish, and there's something to be said about getting some additional perks for being a Halo fan throughout the years. Though naturally some of the armor does have Reach prerequisites, once you've unlocked the base getting the extra customization tools should be instant. At least, assuming everything is up and running day one. Even still, achievements are very earnable offline, and what better way to brush up on Halo than a quick run on legendary with three other people.

Miltary Police Set Requirements:

Career Milestone 15, Complete Halo Reach on normal earns base.

Career Milestone 20, Pink and Deadly(achievement), and base earns the tier one helmet add on.

Career milestone 25, Fear the Pink Mist(achievement), A Spoonful of

Blamite(Achievement) earns the tier two-helmet add on.

CQB Set Requirements:

Career Milestone 20, Complete Reach on Heroic will earn CQB base (obviously not possible early, but it does lead into the next part).

Career Milestone 25, Complete ODST on Heroic and base earns the tier one helmet add on.

Career milestone 30, Completing Halo 3 On legendary, Completing Reach on legendary earns tier two-helmet add on

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